Importance of Legal Advice for Power of Attorney Documents

You may be able to find a form online, but do you fully understand everything about that form? Attorneys can provide invaluable advice, which can be just as important as the document itself.

01 – Understanding the Document

Even with instructions, a power of attorney document contains legal language that not everyone can understand. Also, few people take the time to read through every word of a legal document. A probate attorney is not only familiar with this document, but also the relevant law, the policy considerations and the problems that commonly arise from this document and the relationships it creates.

02 – Understanding your Options

When I ask potential clients if they have any questions, they usually do not. This is because they do not know what to ask. This is usually because they do not know enough about the document or process to think of any questions. As a probate attorney, I know the effect of this document and the potential problems that can arise from any given decision. It may make perfect sense to a non-lawyer to have all of your children act as your joint agents, but I can explain why that is usually a bad idea. You may not know why you would grant an agent the power to give gifts, but I can explain the benefits and risks.

03 – Talk to an Attorney

Common sense and the law are not always on the same page. Even if you think you have a good grasp on the document you are signing, an attorney’s advice can be invaluable when it comes to this type of document. It may not seem like a “big deal,” but power of attorney documents can have a huge impact on your life and should be taken very seriously.

hand signing legal document